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Explore, Embody & Express Your Archetypal Goddess




A Message from the Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School,   Ariel Spilsbury 

In Avalon, to become a fully ordained 13 Moon Priest/ess required a commitment of 13 years. We are not living in Avalon, however, the same deep commitment and devotion that was required then, is still required now. The 13 Moon Mystery School, is not a “rubberstamp-you-too-can-become-a-priestess-in-sixty-days”offering. It is stepping into recognizing your whole life as a spiritual initiation and thus choosing to operate from that place.


This rigorous 13 Moon Priest/ess lineage and path is not for everyone. There are many different thresholds and stages of initiation that are crossed in the process of becoming a fully ordained Priest/ess of the 13 Moon     lineage. Though many beings work with the Divine Feminine curriculum that is offered in The 13 Moon Oracle and The Alchemy of Ecstasy, few actually become fully ordained in this work and thus certified as Focalizers by the 13 Moon Mystery School.  And that seminal difference, is like the difference between pointing at the moon, and becoming it. This work is about direct experience and direct transmission of archetypal frequency and that requires deep mentoring, time to mature on all levels and devoted commitment. It implies for Focalizers, a willingness to deeply look at and transmute unfinished wounding and shadow pieces that they can stand as clearly as possible, to model that for others.


Right now, in the 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage, there are only six beings who have walked and completed this rigorous full ordination path to become a certified Focalizer of this work. Eden Amadora is one of them. From my lens, Eden is gifted in the Priest/ess specialty of Sacred Theater and all the Muse arts of dance, song, writing etc.  Her empathic, instinctual nature brings her to sharing what she is perceiving through body wisdom. She is the Temple Keeper for the Primal Goddess in the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. She also holds the sword of truth and is not afraid to bring to awareness, the ways in which beings are presently unconsciously limiting their expression and spiritual growth. 


I am in the waning Crone phase of my life, and as I pass the torch of this 13 Moon    lineage on to those few whom I feel can carry it with the Love, clarity, integrity, wisdom, devotion and coherence to the transmission that was moved through me, as my life’s work, I am honored to endorse my 13 Moon Temple sister, Eden Amadora and the work she offers in Her name. 


                          In Devotion, In Her Name,  

            Ariel Spilsbury, Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School


Priestess Eden Amadora

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