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Explore, Embody & Express Your Archetypal Goddess

Awakening Beauty personal sessions are one on one guidance to help you to embody your heart wisdom and to awaken to your soul's essence and greater mythology - to awaken, embody and express your inner goddess and to reclaim your true beauty and worth.


Each session calls in the archetypes of the Divine Feminine through a process guided by deep listening and Divination as rich and radiant energetic invitations to live into the greater mythology of your life. You will be guided in embodiment practices, self adoration ritual, sound and movement, and deep meditative exploration.

It is through activating different gifts and aspects of the Goddess as she lives through us, and by bringing her light and shadow qualities into balance in our lives, that we move from the unconscious belief systems and small stories that bind us to our larger "mythic story" of wholeness and freedom. In doing this, we take our place as an awakened queen, a priestess, a paradigm shifting leader and stand for Self-love and wholeness for ourselves and all beings.


During Awakening Beauty sessions you may experience:


  • A reconnection with your essence

  • A recovery of vitality 

  • A restoration of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love

  • New openings of creative imagination

  • A sense of Sovereignty and empowerment

  • Reclaiming of your femininity 

  • A deep soul activation and feeling of purpose and passion



Awakening Beauty Mentoring sessions are 1.5hrs and are available via Zoom or in person. The work is typically offered in packages of 3, 5 or 10 sessions, to be able to facilitate the deep process. By special request, intensive 4 day 1:1 VIP weekend retreats are also made available.

Awakening Beauty Initiation sessions go longer and deeper (2.5–3hrs) and are available via Zoom or in person. The longer the engagement (# of sessions), the more transformation can occur. By special request, intensive 4 day 1:1 VIP weekend retreats are also made available.






Contact Eden if you have specific questions about archetypal mentoring which have not been

addressed above.


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