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  • Would you like to reclaim your inherent beauty and divine, luscious essence, together in community with other women?


  • Are you ready to step more fully into the power of the embodied feminine, which changes everything she touches?


  • Would you love to experience a deep dive into the archetypal realms of the Goddess of Love and the Primal Goddess, in a beautiful retreat space in Hawaii?

This is a new kind of empowerment …

and we are here to embrace it. 


Join the alchemy of fire and water with

the power of the hot, erupting earth…


Explore, express and embody your inner

Goddess of Love and Primal Goddess.


About the Fire Flower Retreat:

For six days, you will experience a deep dive into the archetypal realms of the Goddess of Love and the Primal Goddess. The journey is taken within a sacred retreat space housed upon the incredible natural temple: the Big Island of Hawai’i. 


You will:


  • Co-create ceremonial space and ritual

  • Participate in sacred practices and deep inquiry

  • Come to know these aspects of the Goddess as they live and express through you

  • Work directly with the elements to receive the power of their transmission within your body temple

  • Awaken and deepen your erotic, sensual aliveness

  • Tap into your essence self: your uninhibited sensual delight, innate wisdom and intuition, and your wild, passionate, creative fire

  • Be witnessed and safely held in an unconditionally loving container of sisterhood



To support this, you will be able to choose from the following divine opportunities:


  • Yoga

  • Embodied movement practices

  • Soul voice activation

  • Sacred Feminine ritual 

  • Practices that are deeply nourishing and healing to reawaken your sensual aliveness and creative spark

  • Connect with the elements of fire and water

  • Communion with the tropical beauty in the stunningly beautiful, lush paradise island of Hawai’i



We are excited to culminate our deep temple time with an extraordinary experience: The Soul Essence Photography Session.


More info coming soon. Email Eden Amadora if you want to be kept in the loop.



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