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Explore, Embody & Express Your Archetypal Goddess      with Priestess Eden Amadora

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Welcome to a Dedicated Temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School

Stay a while. Play a while. If you feel called.

True Beauty


What we experience with our senses as beauty if a manifestation of pure energy. Beauty calls us and we naturally respond to it because it resonates with that which is the same within us, that which is pure, whole and divine. It brings greater aliveness, meaning, purpose, inspiration and creativity to our human experience.


As beauty dwells in us, it makes itself manifest through us. It unveils us and empowers us. When we dedicate ourselves to true beauty, we begin to experience devotion and service to something greater, to the more noble pursuits of the heart.


In following the call of beauty, we embark on an incredible journey back home to our true selves.

Where is beauty calling you?


       What is Love asking of you?


How can you become a  fuller expression of self-love, and love for others?

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