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Explore, Embody & Express Your Archetypal Goddess      with Priestess Eden Amadora

Is Beauty Calling You?

Beauty’s call resounds in the deepest part of our being.


As we heed that call, there is a sense of returning to find ourselves in the place we’ve always longed to be, yet have never truly left. 


And as we recall the essence of who we are and learn to rest at peace with our true nature, we feel and radiate our own innate beauty. 

True Beauty


What we experience with our senses as beauty if a manifestation of pure energy. Beauty calls us and we naturally respond to it because it resonates with that which is the same within us, that which is pure, whole and divine. It brings greater aliveness, meaning, purpose, inspiration and creativity to our human experience.


As beauty dwells in us, it makes itself manifest through us. It unveils us and empowers us. When we dedicate ourselves to true beauty, we begin to experience devotion and service to something greater, to the more noble pursuits of the heart.


In following the call of beauty, we embark on an incredible journey back home to our true selves.

Where is beauty calling you?


       What is Love asking of you?


How can you become a  fuller expression of self-love, and love for others?

Goddess, priestess, fellow traveler: is Beauty calling you home in some way right now? 



  • Are there parts of you that are calling out to be witnessed & received in unconditional love?


  • Does every fiber in your body yearn to align with your soul’s calling and fulfill your unique mission with ease, grace, and joy?


  • Are you a powerful Being awakening to even more of your essence - and smiling as you find yourself pleasantly surprised with each new chapter of your story?


  • Are you a devotee of Beauty, and still learning what that means?


Beauty’s call may be soft. It may be subtle.


You may hear it in the quiet voice in your heart, urging you to step across a threshold of some sort. You may see it as you look up and watch the hawk glide overhead, reminding you of what’s possible. She may be calling you up, down, forward, out, or within. It will vary for each of you, based on your unique journey.


When you truly listen, you will begin to hear her calling. 


It is a radical act of love to respond to that inner call. You honor yourself and life by answering that call...


I am Eden Amadora, an Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and it would be my great joy to assist you in your return home, to Beauty.


You can learn more about my offerings here.

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