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Step into your Authentic Power

Expand Your Love Frequency  

Magnetize Your Heart’s True Desires

A free, live 3 part video webinar

Journey with Eden Amadora

May 6-8


Step through the Gate.

Align your true heart's knowing with your higher mind:

A soul star burning bright,

A reflection of the infinite cosmic light.

You are safe within the center of this sacred fire.


Are you ready to embody your Divine Feminine Essence and embrace your authentic power?

Dare to step across the threshold and into the mystery that allows you to magnetize your heart’s true desires.

Are you ready to be received and to receive a love that commands you be met with honor and devotion?


Are you willing to let go of fantasy to finally create the dream?

I invite you to Dream Awake with me.

Join me in a live, guided online journey where I’ll lead you to discover three key steps to magnetizing your heart’s true desire.

About Eden Amadora

I’ve walked the shamanic path, I’ve reclaimed my embodied yogic wisdom from many lives, I’ve been initiated within the mystery schools as an ordained priestess and now I am heeding the call

To activate, awaken and gather the legions of
Earth Angels.


In case you have forgotten, you are one, and our time has come. It’s time to live as embodied love.


I am devoted to sharing the powerful tools I have cultivated for the awakening of the heart for I have felt how empowering and beautiful life becomes.


I am committed to living as embodied love in service to the dismantling of structures and belief systems that would keep us stuck, small, scared and feeling separate.


This makes me a holy rebel… In the sense that it is an act of rebellion in the world today to truly love yourself and live in alignment with this love.


To whom or what are you still asking permission? Whose life is it anyway?


This is beyond “fighting” for freedom and sovereignty. This is about awakening to your true beauty… awakening Grace


This is about ...


Living Embodied Love


Amplify love light across the planet,

like the electric crackle of lightning

caressing Gaia's skin.


We give and receive

blessings of the light…

Dreaming awake.

as co-creators of the

new Earth paradigm.


What do you desire?


To Live Embodied Love is to help awaken the Collective heart of Humanity. We open the portal and bring Heaven to Earth … through anchoring our soul stars into the spiritual heart within our bodies.

This grounds our divinity and our humanity in wholeness and expands our frequency of love within ourselves and in the world … empowering ourselves and blessing our planet.

When we honor the sovereignty of our heart and soul desire, we expand our love frequency, remembering our eternal connection to Source.


Why Does This Matter?

Because you matter! Because you make a difference and it is your divine right to live love fully expressed. You are being invited to express your creativity, express your sensuality, express your desire, feel abundant, be of service to others and to

love your life.


When we transmute the wounds that keep us separate—feelings of not being enough, being too much, feeling disconnected from ourselves, others, and Source—and truly connect to the higher octave of our being, everything changes.



This includes experiencing:


  • A greater sense of ease and well-being in the body

  • Increased energy levels

  • More joy and creativity

  • Creating a life and projects you’re passionate about

  • What your soul truly desires instead of listening to what others say you should feel, think, do, say, etc.  

  • More freedom and sovereignty

  • Clarity, vision, and confidence

  • Increased sense of empowered presence

  • Clearer communication—responding rather than reacting

  • Improvement in all relationships (work, romantically, familially, friendships)  


Join me for this sacred alchemy


This is the key to quantum change … where you can alchemize limiting beliefs quickly and actually BE love embodied. Be the love you’ve always dreamed of receiving and start to feel and see your life transform.

Join me to have a free experience of stepping into your authentic power, embodying your love frequency & magnetizing your true heart’s desire

During Our 3 Day, Live Journey We Will:

  • Be guided through a direct experience of anchoring new golden light frequencies.

  • Learn how to create a brand new template to physically, emotionally, mentally and vibrationally embody the well being and confidence that comes with knowing your Divine Sovereignty.

  • Link up to a rarified high vibrational field of creation where your dreams and visions are amplified and potentized.

  • Learn how to hold a coherent field where you are literally dreaming awake, creating worlds of new possibility.


You’ll receive daily live journeys, guidance, and accountability practices to ground, expand, embody, and amplify your love frequency so that you can magnetize your heart’s true desire.


May 6th

2-3 p.m. PST

Live Journey 


20 Minute Q&A from 3-3:20 p.m.

(Recording emailed the following day)


May 7th

2-3 p.m. PST

Live Journey 


20 Minute Q&A from 3-3:20 p.m.

(Recording emailed the following day)


May 8th

2-3 p.m. PST

Live Journey 


20 Minute Q&A from 3-3:20 p.m.

(Recording emailed the following day)

This is the transmission of Unconditional Love.   

Every cell, every molecule, every atom

resonates and receives

the high frequency DNA activation

of whole, holy, Divine Vibration.


This is the remembrance of who we are:

A generative expression of Divine creation.


Will you join me over 3 days to step into your authentic Power, expand your love frequency, and add your golden light to help to bring Heaven to Earth

...all while magnetizing your Heart’s true desires?

© 2019-20. Eden Amadora. All Rights Reserved. 

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