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A Deep Journey in Soulful Sisterhood

Deep bows, Beloved, for answering the call of your inner goddess to step firmly and courageously onto your priestess path. I am filled with gratitude and great excitement for this next 13 Moon Priestess Initiation Circle Mysterium in Summer 2017. 


Please review the payment options below and select the one that most resonates for you. The 13 Moon Oracle Box Set serves as the required curriculum material for the circle. It is included in the tuition costs, however, should you already be in possession of the complete box set, you may select the "no curriculum materials" option associated with your preferred payment option and your tuition will be reduced by the cost of the materials ($133.00).

Pay the full tuition in advance

By paying the full tuition in advance of the circle commencing, your tuition is discounted by a full moon cycle (a value of $650). You may select to do this in a single payment or in 2 separate installments. If you choose the 2 installment option, you will be charged half immediately and the remaining half one month later (curriculum material costs are deducted from the first payment for those who are already in possession).

Single Installment
Please select one of the following payment options:
Two Installments
Please select one of the following payment options:

Pay in 13 moonly installments

This option allows you to pay over the course of the 13 Moon Initiation cycle. Your first payment will be charged immediately upon checkout to reserve your spot in the circle. This initial payment also covers the first month (or moon cycle). The following 12 payments will resume on the 1st day of the second month of the circle and will be charged to your account on the 1st of each month there forward. 

If you are already in possession of the curriculum material, your tuition cost will be reduced by $133. This is deducted from the first payment.

Please select one of the following payment options:

How it works:


Each quarter of the 13 moons, we engage deeply with several of the 13 Archetypes of the Goddess (inspired by the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury).  We do this through:


  • 4 Quarterly Long Weekend On-site Gatherings (Thurs. eve – Sunday eve) - Potent ritual space, alchemical container, sacred priestess practices. The final gathering will extend through Monday evening.

  • 1 Monthly ZOOM call – Grounding, sharing and receiving guidance on your practices.

  • 1:1 Archetypal Mentoring - Optional, though highly recommended, individual Skype sessions to explore, support and balance the primary archetypes of the Goddess being expressed through you at this time. These are not included in the tuition, but you will receive special pricing for your participation in the circle.

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